How having pets influences on human health

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This week, in our weekly blog, we are going to talk about how pets influence our society and the human being as an individual element.

The positive influence of pets on the health and well-being of humans is well known to all. It affects psychological, social, therapeutic aspects, etc. So much so that increasingly, pets are used as therapeutic elements. In addition, the pet company has been recognized to have healthy benefits, acting as a protective factor against cardiovascular disease while serving to reduce stress to their owners. They are also a psychological support on which to lean. They considerably reduce the feeling of loneliness and make the owner better related to the environment.


Not everything could be one-way. Pets need care and attention. Hence, they have to be seen as a responsibility, not as a toy. For this reason, it is the obligation of specialists in the sector, such as veterinarians or animal protectors, to inform owners of the care and legal obligations towards pets.


At Wooolfy we collaborate with ASOKA. An association that fights against mistreatment and animal abandonment. It is very important that people understand that pets are not stuffed animals. They are living beings. If you treat them with affection and take responsibility for caring for them, you will not have a more faithful companion. By purchasing one of our personalized artwork, you will help many pets find a new home to give and receive love. EVERY LIVING BEING ON THIS PLANET deserves respect, love and attention.


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