Abandonment of pets

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In 2018, more than 138,000 cats and dogs were collected from the streets according to the latest study "He would never do it" by the Affinity Foundation. Of the total, 104,688 were dogs and 33,719 were cats. Unfortunately, if we make a comparison with years prior to 2018, the number of animals collected is very similar and the figures remain.

Once collected, many are returned to their respective homes. 25% of the dogs were returned to their families, while only 3.3% of the cats returned home. Of the total, with cats and dogs included, only 18% are returned to their families. This is due to the increase in microchipped animals, which greatly facilitates the return of lost pets to their owners.


And what about the remaining 82% of animals found?


Fortunately, thanks to associations that do a wonderful job like the one of Asoka el Grande, 43% of these animals are adopted by new families, 16% remain in the shelter that has collected them, 8% die, the 2% are euthanized and the remaining 13% are transferred to other entities, foster homes or are relocated to colonies such as cats.

How do they get to the shelter / association?

Only 9% of the total are brought by people who abandon them. The other 91% are found or picked up on the street. The vast majority by the entity itself, by the police or by an individual.

Cats are organized by colonies. Many of these abandoned cats do not even reach the shelters. 51% of the entities that have participated in the study regularly manage feline colonies. There are a total of 31,969 cats living in colonies. They are managed by protectors and associations, which deal with feeding, sterilization, litter control and animal health. Obviously, this study does not show reality in absolute terms. Probably the total number of cat colonies in Spain is much higher.

Main reasons for abandonment.

10% is due to loss of human interest towards the pet, 11% is related to economic factors, another 11% is due to the behavior of the animal, 13% is due to the end of the hunting season and finally, 15% is due to unwanted litters. Unwanted litters are, one more year, the main reason for abandoning pets. This is reflected in the remarkable proportion of puppies that arrive at shelters. In this sense, according to the study, sterilization is a key aspect to avoid animal abandonment.


At Wooolfy we are fully committed to fighting animal abandonment. For this reason, we collaborate with Asoka el Grande, donating a part of our profits. By entering here, https://wooolfy.com/en/ and taking one of our custom pet canvases, you will be helping many abandoned animals find a home again.

We are going to give some keys that everyone with a pet should follow before abandoning or adopting a poor creature.

-Reflect before incorporating a pet. Animals are not objects and need some care. Having a pet IS A RESPONSIBILITY NOT A TOY.

-Sterilize to avoid having young that you cannot support.

-Identify the animal to recover it in case of loss.

-Educate to improve their behavior.

-ADOPT, DO NOT BUY. In this way we manage to give it a home and that other animals can occupy its space.


Today we are going to talk about the abandonment of pets that occurs in Spain and the fantastic work that associations and protectors of animals do.


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