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The relationship between humans and animals is almost as old as the origins of humanity. Enter here to discover a little more about its history.

Today almost 50% of the world population has a pet in their home. The relationship between humans and animals is almost as old as the origins of humanity. Thus, many civilizations throughout history have benefited from collaboration with different animals such as horses, dogs, cats, elephants, goats, sheep, mules, donkeys ... etc. Just like today, practically always the star companion pet has been the dog.

It is believed that already in Prehistory, when the human were living as hunters - gatherers, there were two species that when hunting were organized in a very similar way. Men and wolves. Legend has it that the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus are suckled by a she-wolf. Something like that had to happen, but the other way around. The human being liked to collect abandoned wolf cubs and adapt them to the hierarchical society of man. There is much controversy regarding whether the dog is a direct descendant of the wolf. What is certain is that the wolf and the dog have a common ancestor.

The dog is one of the oldest species to be domesticated and adapted as a pet by humans. The domestication of animals has been a progressive process. The earliest evidence of animal domestication in history is found in the biblical city of Jericho in Palestine by 12,000 BC, where dogs and goats were adopted as pets. The dog is believed to began to have ties to humans 10,000 years ago, while around 3,500 B.C. domestication of cats began in Egypt.

One of the best ways to get into the understanding of the relationship between pets and men is, without a doubt, to take an imaginary trip to ancient Rome. At the end of the Roman Republic (during the 1st century BC) it became very popular among the patricians to have a dog that served as a home guardian. We found in some Roman domus, mosaics of dogs with the inscription CAVE CANEM (beware of the dog) to warn everyone who thought about entering the house without permission. The most common dog among the well-to-do Roman classes of that time was the Molossus, a strong-built canine endowed with sharp fangs, short upright ears, and feline-like legs.

Already in the 1st century AC, it was common to have a domestic cat, as we can see in some mosaic of the time. But home was not the only place where these animals were useful. In the case of the Molossus, they began to be used for gladiator shows as company to the warriors, or confronting other animals such as bears and lions. Later they were introduced into the Roman legions, like soldier dogs. They received soldier trainning and were used in defense, attack, and liaison functions. Cats also had their work among the Roman ranks of the army. The main objective of the cats was to eat the innumerable rodents that inhabited the camps and barracks.

At Wooolfy we are passionate about pets and their history. For this reason, we like to make works of art where we travel with your pet a few centuries back. Enter our “Renaissance” section of personalized portraits for pets and discover an exciting world.


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Me encanta el Blog, son perlas de conocimiento, interesantes y con las que disfruto.
Enhorabuena por vuestra página.
Para una enamorada de los animales como yo, es un gusto ojear la semanalmente.

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