Historical characters and their relationship with pets

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Today we want to delve into the pets that have accompanied and influenced great historical figures.

A surreal cat

The artist Salvador Dalí had a pet ocelot in the 1960s. The ocelot is a type of feline from Brazil, little bigger than a cat and with stained colors. This ocelot, named Babou, was the painter's favorite; he took it with him everywhere. One of the most famous anecdotes that the artist starred with his cat happened in a restaurant in Manhattan. A client was startled to see the wild-looking animal with menacing colors, surely mistaking it with a Jaguar. Dalí responded to this situation by telling the woman not to worry, that Babou was a normal domestic cat and that his appearance as a small Jaguar was due to the fact that he had painted his fur to make it look like it. Dalí took his histrionics to all areas of his life, including to his pet's look!

wooolfy salvador dalí cat jaguar babou pet

The animalistic Führer

Interestingly, Adolf Hitler, probably the most judged and criticized character for his countless crimes against humanity, was a great defender of nature and animals. He promoted initiatives and applied strict laws that prevented harm to any living being. Such was the case that, under his mandate, he was a pioneer in supporting laws against vivisection, against hunting and in favor of animal welfare. During the Third Reich, animal abuse was prohibited, since they considered these equal to us. On the other hand, unfortunately, with humans it did not apply the same criteria.

They say that Hitler's favorite dog was Blondi, a German shepherd that he received as a gift. Blondi accompanied him to his last moments in the Berlin underground bunker during the siege of the allied troops.

wooolfy adolf hitler dog german shepper blondi pet

Peritas, the conquering dog

Peritas was probably Alexander the Great's favorite dog, so much so that he named a city like him as he did with Bucefalo, his beloved horse. Peritas was a robust Molossus who was gifted by his uncle Alexander I of Epirus, nicknamed "Alexander of Molossis". The faithful Péritas accompanied him during almost all his long military campaigns. As he always followed him to the battlefront, they forged a suit of armor for him and put a spiked collar on him to protect himself from the attack of other warrior dogs.

wooolfy alexander the great dog molossus peritas pet

The wounded deer

Throughout her life, the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo took care of numerous animals: from the most conventional pets such as dogs and cats to more exotic animals such as monkeys, parrots, macaws and even a deer. Thus, her personal photographs also demonstrate it. The painter appears represented on numerous occasions along with animals. We know that Frida had a hard life for different reasons, but one of her greatest joys was her pets. The portrait artist had as a pet a deer named "Hail", probably this deer served the artist as inspiration for the painting of the "The Wounded Deer".

wooolfy frida kahlo wounded deer Hail pet

Lincoln's sausage dog

Before being elected president, Abraham Lincoln, one of the most famous presidents in America's history, was always accompanied by his inseparable dog Fido. He enjoyed playing with the President and his family, often accompanying them on their walks around the city. There is even an iconic image of these outings narrated by the locals of the time: the hairdressing routine. As Lincoln cut his hair, Fido stood patiently outside waiting for him. But things suddenly changed for Fido when Lincoln won the presidency. Lincoln's new responsabilities and routines were not compatible with Fido. With this new reality, Lincoln's family thought that life in Washington was not made for Fido, so it was decided to leave him at the home of an old friend from Lincoln. There, together with a united family who loved him, he spent the last years of his life.

wooolfy abraham lincoln dog fido pet


Companion animals have inspired and accompanied millions of people throughout history. And they continue to do so today. If you are reading this it is because there is probably some furry or not so furry being that has stolen your heart. If so, or if you know a loved one crazy about his/her pet, enjoy discovering our catalog of custom pet canvas. You will find the perfect original gift with which to surprise any pet lover!



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