Marino and Luke

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Dear followers, this week's story has been repeated throughout the evolution of humanity on millions of occasions. However, it is still tender and special. We talk about children's love for their pets.

In their white world, with few onion layers under their belt, the bonds they establish with their playmates are deep, fun, create self-confidence, are unconditional love relationships and generate, on both sides, the best feelings two living things can have.

In this case, we will talk about Marino, a 12-year-old boy, whose pet is a beautiful dog named Luke. Our website fell into his hands through his mother by chance, and as he has told us, he loved our work and philosophy. So much so that, neither short nor lazy, he wrote a report about us in his language subject at school.

Wooolfy Blog Marino and Luke custom pet canvas

His mother wanted to share the illusion of her son with us. It gave us a chance to get to know Marino, a charming boy, and his story touched our hearts. Marino told us how he felt reflected in the three of us, Gerard, Javi and Jorge. Share our love for pets and loves the idea of helping humans to express their love to their pets with something fun, original and a memory forever. He encouraged us to do so without harming our planet, he was glad that we also collaborated with ASOKA, to help those pets that have not had luck finding a family to take care of them.

That is why we could only give him one of our art-works. Luke was immortalized as a business pet, body at the height of the seriousness that his face conveys. Marino's thrilled face once seeing it, was worth it.

Wooolfy Blog Marino and Luke congratulations custom pet canvas

Thank you very much Marino. Wooolfy will always carry you in our heart.


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