Do you only do cats and dogs?

No way! Our artists are so talented that they can turn any type of animal, regardless of breed or species, into A WORK OF ART! We have had the pleasure of making unique portraits of cats, dogs, ducks, birds and even turtles among others.

Do you also work with humans?
Our inspiration and specialty are pets, but it will not be Wooolfy who spoils your dreams. Make your order by uploading the photo of your loved one and our artists will make him a work of art.
How do I know if my photo is good enough?

You can be sure it is if your photo complies with these indications:

  • Take the photo at your pet's eye level
  • Works best if the pet is not looking straight into the camera
  • Try to get closer to the pet so that we can see its unique characteristics
  • In natural light it always looks better. Try to avoid bad lighting!
  • Avoid uploading blurry photos
  • Make sure there are no ears out of frame!
Wooolfy Perfect photography

Once uploaded, our designers analyze the photo. In case of not meeting our quality standard, we will send you an email asking for another new photo. But remember! If you upload a good photo from the beginning you avoid lengthening the process, being able to enjoy the art piece as soon as possible.

The quality of the photo is the responsibility of the client. We will advise as soon as we can, but, in the event that the client refuses to share a replacement of the original photo since it does not meet the quality standards, it will not be possible to return the money.

Remember! A poor-quality photo cannot become a work of art like the ones shown on the website. Your perfect gift starts with a quality photo.

Does the background of the photo matter?
Should not. It is clear that a flat and uniform background is better, BUT, our artists are more than prepared to remove all the background noise that hinders the beauty of your pet!
Can I change my order?
Due to the nature of the product , we cannot accept changes to the product once the purchase is complete. Anyway ... Not everything are bad news! If you want to make any changes to your order, please contact us through this link From Wooolfy we will do our best to satisfy your needs.
What is the size of the products?

Depends on the product you choose.


4 sizes to cover all tastes. All frames have the same quality standards, with 3cm wide racks to ensure that they last for many years. The sizes are:

  • 15cm x 20cm
  • Perfect to make a discreet and fun gift. Or to put it on the desk where you work. It's up to you!
  • 25cm x 35cm
  • Got a shelf clearly demanding a hilarious painting? An overly formal room that needs a fun touch? This is your painting.
  • 30cm x 40cm
  • The older brother of the previous one. Same function, different size. For those who want to appreciate their pet in all its splendor.
  • 45cm x 60cm
  • For the insatiable people. Give all the prominence of the room to your best friend!


3 very familiar sizes, to match your variety of tastes.

  • A4: 21cm x 29,7cm
  • Same size of a normal paper, ideal to give as a present to a family member or friend!
  • A3: 29,7cm x 42cm
  • The middle one. This size is perfect to hang on the wall of your room.
  • A2: 42cm x 59,4cm
  • Our biggest poster, perfect to portrait your pet in all its magnificent!
Which materials do you use?

De nuevo depende del tipo de producto que elijas.


        1. FRAMES: 3 cm long universal wood, they are made of high-quality pine with rounded edges and dovetail lace with a recess that prevents the canvas from contacting the wood.
        2. CANVAS: 100% polyester compound for the best finish with high quality. Very white with excellent contrast and high color resolution. Very stable and durable emulsion. Ideal for representing your pet as a work of art.
        3. INK: No polluting fuels are used for its manufacture, non-flammable, they do not require any special ventilation, without dangerous air pollutants. It has a return and recycling program for ink cartridges.
        4. PACKAGING: is 100% recyclable cardboard with vegetal paper coating that ensures the integrity of the canvas during the journey to you.
        5. And above all, Wooolfy quality!


        1. POSTER PAPER: Photographic paper with glossy finish to exalt the colours of your artpiece.
        2. INK: No polluting fuels are used for its manufacture, non-flammable, they do not require any special ventilation, without dangerous air pollutants. It has a return and recycling program for ink cartridges.
        3. PACKAGING: Depends on the size of the poster. For A4 and A3 we use a tube made of 100% recyclable spiral cardboard with plastic cover. For size A2 we use a triangular brown kraft coated cardboard shipping tube. Both ensure the integrity of the poster during the journey to you.
        4. And again, above all, Wooolfy quality!
How do you make the designs?

With love and affection… Just kidding!

We are a digital design studio, that is, we use specialized editing programs followed by digital editing techniques to cut, retouch, mold, modify, shade and other design verbs in order to turn your pet's photo into a work of art.

Can you add, remove or modify part of my pet's appearance?

It depends on the type of change you want to make.

Small things like preserving or removing your pet's collar or the trickling slime can be done, although we can't say for sure until we see it. Make your request in the comments section during the purchase and our designer will inspect the photo and tell you if your request is possible or not.

Big changes like closing an open mouth or opening closed eyes are impossible even for us. We are good but not magicians!

Can you change the background of the image?
Sorry to say no. We are so proud of our works that we like to keep them that way. Therefore, if your pet is dark, we recommend that you choose one of our light tone works. So its face will shine as it deserves.
What if my photo is in black and white?
Then you will receive the custom product of your pet in black and white. Although Wooolfy is an imaginative company, not as much as to imagine the color of your pet!


How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?

Two parts: Our work and shipping time.

Our work: It hurts us to say it, but we are fast… From the moment the order is received until it is launched, it will not take more than 3 working days. This could only be increased in periods with high demand, such as Christmas.

Shipping: We know that this section can be crucial for you, so we have dedicated an entire section to it. Get all the information you need at

I have ordered several products in the same order; will they arrive together?
It makes sense, doesn't it? Usually yes. It can happen that in periods of high demand, one of the products is made first and comes out directly. In this case, we would send the first order separately and the second order or subsequent ones once they are completed.
Where is my order?

Once we have sent the product, we will send you an email with the tracking number of your order. Enter the tracking number on the website of the logistics company that appears in that same email and they will indicate the status of your shipment.

Still I can't find my order. The tracking number does not work.

Do not worry. Send us an email with all the information and we will tell you where your personalized product is.

Do you ship worldwide?
If you have a postal code we will arrive, we assure you. The love for pets is international, we could not be less. Make your order and indicate your address and we will manage to make your pet's gift arrive to you.
My order has been returned to the sender, can you send it to me again?

Of course. We don't want anyone to be left without their personalized pet box.

Usually the shipping error is due to a problem with the address entered. Either it is incomplete or it is wrong. If that is the case we cannot offer any compensation for the delay, but we can certainly send it again. If it is our fault, please let us know and we will resend the package to you. Send us an email to Most of the time we will ask you for a new address and / or contact number to make sure that this time, you receive your Wooolfy product!


Do you offer refunds?
Since our products are 100% customized to capture your pet's beauty, we are unable to offer refunds. BUT, even so, if you have any complaint or problem when receiving your order, send us an email and we will do our best to make you happy. If your product arrives damaged or incorrect, do not hesitate to write to us immediately, we will send you a replacement one as quickly as possible.
What if I don't like my personalized artwork?

At Wooolfy we work with talented designers specialized in this type of product. If, for any reason, you do not like the product once it is received, write to us at and we will do our best to help you.

If what you don't like is our design, we will check the photo you uploaded during the purchase of the order. If you did not follow the instructions provided on the web (both in Frequently Asked Questions and in the product description), there is little we can do. If the photo is fine and instead we have failed with the design, we will correct it and send the one with the already corrected design.

To avoid this inconvenience, be sure to upload a high-quality photo of your pet, made with good lighting and at the height of your pet's eyes. We use that same photo during the design process, so if the photo is of low quality, your design will also be of low quality.

What if my order has arrived damaged?
It will be our pleasure to help you. Contact us immediately and we'll send you a replacement one as quickly as we can.
Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately, since it is a personalized product, you cannot cancel any order once it has been placed.


Is there a contact number?
We make it as easy as possible with our chat built into the website. One of our agents will respond to you as quickly as possible. You can also contact us through our contact form at or through the mail

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